eBikes are the latest technological advancement in bicycles that brings cycling to the next level. Stop in and talk with our staff about the eBike options available to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Are you…

The Neighborhood Rider
eBikes can now offer you the ability to ride those favorite routes with less effort while allowing you to get your needed exercise. Experience the outdoors on an eBike and feel fresh enough to take on the rest of the day.

The Bicycle Commuter
If you are a bicycle commuter, and limit your days of traveling to work or school due to distance, eBikes will allow you to travel the same distance with less effort and with more speed. The eBike for the commuter also allows you to carry more cargo with you so you can take those items needed for your work day without having to make choices about what you absolutely need for work.

The Mountain Biker
eBikes bring a new opportunity to take on challenging trails and steep climbs up your favorite hills with less effort and more speed. “Whatever” to those old school mountain bikers who say, “That’s cheating.” Tell them, “Fun is what you make it” and enjoy mountain biking the eBike way.

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